Robert Adair Jeweller – 60th anniversary celebrations

Join Robert Adair Jewellers in celebrating our 60th anniversary. As a local Ballymena family run business we are delighted to be celebrating this milestone and invite our customers to come down and visit our store.

Robert Adair Jeweller - 60th anniversary celebrations

To celebrate our 60th year in business we are pleased to announce a great range of special offers for the month of October.
Come down and take a look at our celebration window display where all jewellery and watches will have at least 50% off. Don’t miss out as we will have many luxurious jewellery items 70% off. All jewellery in the shop will be reduced by 15%.  Another great offer- all THOMAS SABO JEWELLERY will be half price
Also don’t miss your chance to enter their FREE prize draw for a diamond pendant worth £1000!

Robert Adair Jeweller - 60th anniversary celebrations

With our sale on until first week in November now is the perfect time to come along and try on your favourite pieces. Maybe you want something special for yourself or to tick off a few important people on your Christmas list. We will be delighted to show you our beautiful jewellery, watches and gifts.

Please celebrate with us and come down to visit our spectacular anniversary window at Robert Adair Jewellers on Mill Street in Ballymena, Co Antrim.

Congratulations to staff at Robert Adair Jewellers

At Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena we place a massive importance on our staff. Our staff are one of our most important resources and that is why we are so pleased to report that they are constantly gaining more and more qualifications.

Congratulations to staff at Robert Adair Jewellers

Recently our staff members Hannah Fleck and Diane McClean completed their Jet 1 Training. The JET training programme offers the jewellery industry’s most prestigious professional development courses. They give our jewellery staff a solid jewellery knowledge, confidence and training that they can they bring to their workplace. Hannah and Diane have benefitted from the training and we want to give them a big congratulations for earning their qualifications – they earned it.

Our staff are hard working and friendly and we, as a family run business, believe that this is one of the things that gives us an edge over our competitors. We have the knowledge and the qualifications to back it up.

Congratulations to staff at Robert Adair Jewellers

Stuart Adair has a diploma in Horology (3 years), diamond grading qualifications and a diploma in Jewellery from the National Association of Jewellers and knows how worthwhile is is to invest in educating the Robert Adair Jewellers staff members.

So to get the advice of trained professionals about what jewellery is the right buy for you call in to Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring

At Robert Adair Jewellers, Ballymena we like to remind customers that they may be wearing their wedding ring for the rest of their life so, it’s important to choose a design they are comfortable with. We recommend that you consider a variety of metals, shapes, thicknesses and styles when choosing the perfect wedding ring.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring

Which metal when choosing the perfect wedding ring?

The choice of metal for the bride’s wedding band is usually dictated by her engagement ring. The groom’s ring will often follow suit too. However, if the bride and groom have different preferences there is nothing to stop the groom opting for gold while the bride goes for platinum. In any case, here are the most popular options:

A yellow gold wedding ring is the traditional choice. 24ct is the purest form of gold but also the softest variety so is not generally recommended for wedding bands.  Our most popular choice for a gold band is18ct which gives a nice compromise between purity and durability.

White gold will complement any silver or platinum jewellery you may have already, and is currently a very popular choice. Most of our white gold bands have a high palladium content which means that even after substantial wear and tear the ring will still maintain its nice bright and white colour.

A platinum wedding ring is another popular choice.  A naturally white metal platinum is extremely durable and is the ideal metal to securely hold diamonds and precious gemstones.  Whilst initial costs of a platinum ring are higher than for example gold, a ring made in this material will last a lifetime with very little maintenance apart from an occasional polish to bring back the luster of the metal.

Palladium wedding rings are now a very popular choice particularly with the men.  From the same family of metals as platinum, palladium offers many of the advantages of platinum but with a lower price tag.  It is extremely durable and available in many different finishes shapes and styles- both modern and traditional.  We are occasionally asked if we sell titanium wedding rings- with a resounding no as the answer.  Titanium is not a precious metal and cannot be adjusted in size or repaired once damaged- not good attributes for a ring which is expected to last a lifetime.

We recently offered some advice on shape when choosing the perfect wedding ring – click here to read.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring

Style of band when choosing the perfect wedding ring?

You will probably never have considered this before but if you turn a ring on its side you will notice the style – or profile – of its band. The most common band shapes for wedding rings are:

Rounded-edge wedding ring: this gently curved style is the most subtle and traditional option.

High-domed wedding ring: with its more pronounced curve, this style is slightly taller than the rounded-edge design and can suit higher set engagement rings

Flat wedding ring: this design has quite square edges for a more modern look.

Other terms you might hear when it comes to wedding-band shapes include D-shape wedding ring, court wedding ring or concave wedding ring. Don’t be unnerved by all this terminology, just call in to the shop where we will be able to show you all the options and advise on what shape best suits the shank (band) of your engagement ring.

Other factors when choosing the perfect wedding ring?

Diamond set wedding rings are very much in vogue at the moment but it is important to choose a ring where the diamonds are set down low into the band.  There are two secure styles to choose from, either channel set or rub over set both are secure and will allow many years of wear.  We are sometimes asked for settings with the diamonds all the way around the band, this gives a lovely effect but it must be remembered that it does make any sizing adjustments in the future difficult if possible at all.  We have a superb range of diamond set wedding rings in all precious metals not only for the ladies but also for the man who wants a bit of sparkle as well.

Couples often want to have their wedding date or a special message engraved on the inside of their wedding rings.  This isn’t a problem and with our modern computer engraving machine.  Engraving can be carried out in any font and style and even on two or more lines.   This is part of a free service and puts the finishing touches to the perfect wedding ring.

And finally give yourself plenty of time to choose your rings.  While we can have rings ordered and in stock within two weeks it is obviously much better not to be rushed and to take the necessary time to pick a lovely ring that you are going to cherish and wear every day for many years to come.  We find that about two to three months prior to the big day is about right for choosing the rings.  Some Brides to be are very efficient in their planning and are maybe hoping to have their bands sorted up to a year in advance.  While this is fine with us we always prefer not to finalize the sizes etc until nearer the wedding date to allow for loosing (or dare I say putting on ) a little weight.

I hope the this feature has been of some help but for more information on any of the points raised or to view our stunning range of rings please give us a visit in store at –  Robert Adair Jewellers, Diamond House, Mill Street, Ballymena. Tel 25656896 –  A Trusted Family Jeweller in Ballymena Since 1957