Bronzallure – Our new Jewellery Range

Here at Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena we have just taken on a fabulous new range of jewellery called Bronzallure. Rose gold is a really popular choice for jewellery and Bronzallure uses a special rose coloured alloy which is then plated with 18ct rose gold to give a beautiful and very durable finish.  The range has modern and stylish designs and is perfect for fans of Rose Gold who find it hard to find luxury pieces at affordable prices.

Bronzallure - Our new Jewellery Range

Bronzallure – Our new Jewellery Range

Bronzallure stands for a rose caress, as embracing as the colour that defines any of its jewels. An incomparable shade, the result of years of research, also embodying the exceptional style consciousness of Atelier Bronzallure® talented designers. The charm of bronze and its strength take center stage in this one-of-a-kind alloy; a blend that undergoes a delicate 18K gold pleating, where vigor meets tenderness.

Such exclusive invention owned by MILORgroup and created altogether with Padua University was born in 2011 thanks to our talent and passion for jewellery: an enhanced alloy from the vision of our atelier, embodying the most advanced technologies. It is so unique to the market to gain the right of registration.
Any of Bronzallure jewels is granted its look and durability through time, as well as its
distinctive colour code: the exclusive rosé, only by Bronzallure. Nickel-free and allergy tested, the collection of jewellery and natural stones by Bronzallure pays a tribute to contemporary women and their inner strength. (Source)


We absolutely love their luxurious designs combined with cute pastel colours. Their jewellery is unique and stylish and perfect for any lady. In fact something from the Bronzallure collection would make the perfect Christmas Present for someone you love.

To view the whole range call in the Roberts Adair Jewellers on Mill Street in Ballymena.

Bronzallure - Our new Jewellery Range

Robert Adair Jewellers has been operating in Ballymena since 1957. With over 50 years of experience, Robert Adair Jewellers are delighted to have sold many engagements rings, wedding bands and beautiful gifts throughout the years. Please enjoy browsing through our website and get in touch with us or call in with us at Robert Adair Jewellers on Mill Street in Ballymena.

Rosefield Watches at Robert Adair Jewellers – Ballymena

Ballymena based Robert Adair Jewellers are happy to announced that Rosefield Watches will be sold in store. Robert Adair Jewellers endeavour to give our customers the very best jewellery brands and the hottest new styles. That is why we are delighted to sell these beautiful watches.

Rosefield Watches at Robert Adair Jewellers - Ballymena

Rosefield Watches at Robert Adair Jewellers – Ballymena

Here is everything you need to know about Rosefield watches:

Based on the founding principles of both Amsterdam and New York City, ROSEFIELD watches are created for free-spirited individuals. ROSEFIELD makes fashion-forward watches where classic meets modern. Where Amsterdam meets New York. Where function meets fashion.ROSEFIELD watches combine the Dutch minimalist design on one hand with contemporary New York fashion aesthetics on the other hand. The result is a series of contemporary fashion watches with an offbeat twist to punctuate your look. In short, ROSEFIELD watches are a tribute to the great vibes, the energy and the tolerance for free thinking that is typical for both Amsterdam and New York City.

Rosefield Watches at Robert Adair Jewellers - Ballymena


At ROSEFIELD, we value quality as much as design. High quality materials are central to everything we do. All our watches run on durable Japanese quartz movements and feature genuine leather straps or luxurious stainless steel mesh straps.

For production we partner directly with several of the world’s leading luxury watch manufacturers, who have been hand-producing luxury watches for decades. The result is a collection of affordable premium quality watches with a two-year warranty. And all watches look great too.


ROSEFIELD watches feature thin and elegant cases, matching perfectly with the attached handcrafted leather straps. All the leather straps are interchangeable, so you can easily match your watch with the rest of your outfit.

The collection features both stitched leather straps for a classic look and clean-cut leather straps for a modern look. All of our straps come in different colours, and due to an innovative pin mechanism alternating between your favourite styles is only a matter of seconds. 

Rosefield Watches at Robert Adair Jewellers - Ballymena

Rosefield watches are excellent value at £79.00 for every model bracelet or strap. We absolutely love this great new brand and we would love to invite you to our Ballymena showroom to take a look at a Rosefield watch for yourself.

Secrid Mens Wallets – Northern Ireland

Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, love Secrid Mens Wallets. Secrid Mens Wallets are designed and made in Holland. They were designed by married couple Rene and Marianne who noticed that traditional wallets were unable to cope with the increasing number of credit cards and store card which we all now use. Secrid wanted to design something which was safe, durable, easy to use and beautiful – and we think they managed it!

Secrid Mens Wallets - Northern Ireland

Secrid Mens Wallets – Northern Ireland

Secrid Mens Wallets - Northern IrelandThey wanted to produce a stylish product which would house all their cards and protect them from being scanned against your will. Here is how Secrid explain their product:

Plastic cards have a hard time, they get bent and become brittle in your pocket. In particular, RFID/NFC cards are not safely stored in a regular wallet. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards have a chip and an antenna for wireless communication. These cards, such as the public transportation pass, new credit cards and admission tickets, can be activated, selected and copied from up to many metres away, without you noticing. The Secrid Cardprotector works as a firewall in your wallet.

A Secrid wallet allows you to carry around your cards safely and in style. Just take a look at this video below which show you why this wallet is so good.

Secrid Mens Wallets - Northern IrelandThe Secrid Mens Wallet is brilliant because it allows you to see all of your card in one swift movement. The aluminium case protects against any digital pickpockets and you can chose from the sleek metal wallet or add a stylish leather cover. Find out more about Secrid Wallets here.

If you would like to find out more about the Secrid Wallet then please call in at Robert Adair Jewellers in Northern Ireland. The professional staff can help you to chose the wallet which is perfect for you and show you the range of wallets they carry.

Robert Adair jewellers are based in Ballymena in Northern Ireland and they sell beautiful jewellery, watches and gifts including the Secrid Mens Wallet.

Wedding Ring Engraving – Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland wedding ring engraving is offered here at Robert Adair Jewellers. Robert Adair Jewellers are renowned for offering a superb selection of wedding rings and our engraving service is the perfect way to make your ring perfect for your wedding day.

Bi-Colour Group 1

Our wedding ring range offers great choice and brilliant value and we offer a free engraving service for the inside of their wedding ring.

Couples often want to have their wedding date or a special message engraved on the inside of their wedding rings. This isn’t a problem and with our modern computer engraving machine. Engraving can be carried out in any font and style and even on two or more lines. This is part of a free service and puts the finishing touches to the perfect wedding ring.

wedding ring engraving 2
Give yourself plenty of time to choose your rings. While we can have rings ordered and in stock within two weeks it is obviously much better not to be rushed and to take the necessary time to pick a lovely ring that you are going to cherish and wear every day for many years to come. We find that about two to three months prior to the big day is about right for choosing the rings. Some couples are very efficient in their planning and are maybe hoping to have their bands sorted up to a year in advance. While this is fine with us we always prefer not to finalise the sizes until close the wedding date to allow for loosing,or dare I say putting on, a little weight! Whatever happens we at Robert Adair Jewellers are here to help you with your wedding rings. Our staff are professional and friendly and they can help you try on different styles and advice you of which size would be best for you. We will give you all the support and help you need to take the stress out of ordering your wedding rings.

To view our stunning range of wedding rings, or chat to us about our free engraving service please give us a visit in store – Robert Adair & Diamond House Jewellers, Diamond House, Mill Street, Ballymena.

Choosing your Wedding Ring

Choosing the perfect wedding ring. Here is some expert advice from Stuart Adair of Robert Adair Jewellers in Northern Ireland.

Choosing a wedding ring might seem a more straightforward task, but it still involves many exciting decisions and is an important investment.You will be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life so it’s important to choose a design you’ll be comfortable with. One of things which you will have to consider is which shape of wedding ring is best.

When it comes to the shape of the bride-to-be’s wedding band, the main consideration is how it sits with her engagement ring.
If the engagement ring is straight-edged, a classic, straight-edged wedding band will sit snugly next to it. However, the gemstone setting in some engagement rings will not accommodate a straight-edged wedding band. In this case I would advise a curved wedding ring, sometimes known as a fitted or shaped ring.

UntitledWe have a wide selection of shaped wedding rings in stock but if nothing is found to be suitable we can have a ring specially designed to sit perfectly with the engagement ring. This option takes about three to four weeks to complete but we can normally have a CAD drawing completed of the design in about one week.

A great example is this stunning wedding ring. Robert Adair Jewellers helped the couple to design this ring so that the Bride to be’s engagement ring would fit snugly beside it. The beautiful design was manufactured and the couple were delighted with their perfect and unique wedding ring. It is one of a kind and a piece of jewellery which will be treasured forever.
Shalane Scullion Design

As well as designing and creating a ring to match the engagement ring, we can also utilise an old family wedding ring which can be melted down and reformed as part of the new design either as a completely new ring or as an addition to the new ring. This is a beautiful sentiment which means that a family heirloom can be re-imaged and integrated into something new and special.

Choosing your Wedding ring with Robert Adair Jewellers means that you have a wide choice, expert advice and the opportunity to design a piece which will be unique and made to measure for your needs.

If you would like to talk to us about designing a bespoke ring or for advice about choosing your wedding ring then please don’t hesitate to call in with Robert Adair Jewellers in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.